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Businesses that will gain the most from our value-based advertising service looks something like this:

A strong sales team that hits monthly sales goals.

Monthly online revenue = higher than $100,000 (or your leads are worth as much)
If you haven’t maxed out your sales team potential, then we’re not for you. The stronger that part of your marketing is, the greater impact we will have on your business.
Inflewental’s value-based advertising process builds on itself for quick wins AND long term gains

We identify where your business can add market value, pinpoint the big impact plays, and create strategies to test them.

We get to know your customers Rather than guessing, we conduct real qualitative research to understand what your customers know, feel, and want.

We create optimized pieces of content for the areas of opportunity identified in Step 1, from creating sales funnels to writing conversion-focused copy.

As we distribute the content, we run iterative tests to figure out which content pieces and channels work best for your business. Even if a test “losses,” we still learn from it.

With the knowledge from Steps 1-4, we head back to Step 1 to launch new campaigns.
Step 1: Marketing Health Check
Before any research or content creation starts, we do a complete checkup on your current marketing strategy.

Analytics (eg. Google analytics, Mixpanel, Adobe Analytics)

Your on-page SEO and Google Search Console

Your current content strategy on all platforms (like Social Media, Email, Company Blog)

Verifying your sales numbers and finding accurate LTV’s

Your advertising accounts and current ad campaigns.
Establishing the baseline is critical for measuring our success. That’s why we do a comprehensive audit of your current sales factory. Any problems we find, we will bring it to your attention, so we can solve them.
Step 2: Customer Research & Insight Gathering
Instead of guessing at who your audience is and what they want, or throwing random test ideas into the mix, we take a methodical approach that uncovers:
Who your audience is, what they want, why they want it, and how they consume it.
How we’ll collect these insights
Full Data Analysis - to understand your traffic sources, user behavior, and optimization opportunities.
Customer Research - to discover why they buy (or don’t)
Step 3: Creating The Content
Based on the data collected we will begin creating content for your business. Rather than using a blog and pray approach, we create content that generates both long and short term wins.
Each piece of content builds upon each other to create a compounding effect over time. We use the following pieces of content:

Evergreen Content - to capture organic search engine traffic

Link-Earning Content - to build your relationship with other influencers in your industry

Leadgen Content - to generate leads for your business

Social/Viral Content - to add in viral growth and quick wins to the strategy
Step 4: Content Promotion
We use both paid and organic distribution channels for the content we create. Rather than waiting for results via organic distribution channels, we accelerate it via paid channels.
Our media buyers strategically place your content in front of your ideal audience, and our organic content marketing strategists work on long term relationships with influencers in your industry.

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat

Our strategy is an iterative process. With each piece of content we create and promote for your business, we learn something new about your customer.
With each piece of content, we evaluate all data points to refine and improve our future marketing efforts.
“I’m interested. How do we start?”
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